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What eduroam is

With eduroam, students and staff members of an institution, can make use of the credentials provided by their institution to logon the Wireless Network of another institution, who is also a member of eduroam. When logging into the network at another institution, a user's credentials will be sent to his/her home institution for verification. If the information is correct, the user will then be allowed to logon the network.

For example, as a student of PolyU, Jonathan is visiting another institution in UK and he wants to access the Internet with his notebook computer. After confirming that the university is a member of eduroam, he uses his credentials provided by PolyU to logon the network at the UK university. His information including the username and password are sent via the network of the UK university back to PolyU for authentication. After PolyU has confirmed that the information is correct, Jonathan is allowed by the UK university to logon the network.

For more details about how eduroam works, please refer to related link of universities.

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